We had a very special opportunity to sit down with our dear friend Jinti,
Mother of 3 beautiful little humans ,life partner,Youtuber and world traveller who lives her life by her own rules

Please tell us a bit about yourself, your family, and what you do? Who is Jinti Fell?

Hello, I am Jinti - a 31 year old mama living by the ocean with my life partner and 3 kids. I am passionate about creating a meaningful and joyous life.

How did you start Youtubing your incredible Van lifestyle?

It really began as a commitment to exploring alternative ways to live as a family. We sold all of our things, converted a bus to a home and travelled for around 4 years with our daughter and then our son. I made the videos thinking they could be fun for our kids to watch when they are older but lots of people were curious about the way we were living and the videos have now been seen by nearly 50 million times !

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful Tashi. How was your experience as a free birther this time?

Thank you, we are so blessed to have her join our family. Her birth unfolded how I had always dreamed of birthing. With just her Dad and I, a very Intimate and calm birth into a pool in our lounge room. She met her brother and sister minutes afterwards. I truly believe that birth when treated as a deeply sacred experience, can be one of the most empowering and transformative experiences in a woman’s life.

What are some of the ways you nurture yourself as a mother of 3 young children?

I allow myself to prioritise time alone. It’s when I can recharge and clear my mind. I’ve found this to be the single most impactful thing I do for my mental health and hugely supports me as a parent and partner.

Something simple that brings me a lot of joy is making daily herbal tonic concoctions and drinking them out of my favourite mug.

Recently I’ve begun a beautiful skin care routine (hello 30’s) and that’s felt so nourishing.

From your travels so far where is your favourite place in the world?

Ohhhh this is a tough one. Canada for the alpine mountains and memories. India for the vivacious culture, Borneo for the wildness and Australia.. because it’s home.

What are some of the life lessons and values you hope to inspire in your children?

That they can trust their unique selves

That I will lead by example as I know that what I do and how I live each day is much more impactful than anything I can say.

That life is a beautiful journey happening ‘for us’ not ‘to us’

How would you describe a meaningful life?

One that is inspired by love and appreciation from wherever I may find myself in each moment.

Van life, motherhood, traveling around the world and slow living. What's next for you and your family?

Growing roots, community, homeschooling, giving back to the land… with lots of sneaky caravan trips to beautiful places.

Thank you Jinti for this magical interview with Orbit

 We hope it inspires others to follow their dreams and live every day of this precious life to its fullest xx


Love & Gratitude
Orbit the Label x

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